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With years of experience working accross the world's constantly evolving markets, IGI has established a unique network of expert advisors...

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High growth economies typically enjoyed near double-digit growth in the years leading up to the global financial crisis of 2008; several of these economies are now turning the corner after a torrid period of adjustment. Depending upon where they are on the economic cycle, BRICS countries present investment opportunities for goods and services as well as in more traditional natural resources. Economists refer to economic growth in the BRICS countries as an index of global prosperity; each of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa has neighbours, regional trading partners and policies linking many other countries and millions of consumers.

IGI has a wealth of experience understanding how to get things done in such places and our consultants have the practical experience of working on the ground in many of the world’s high-growth markets. Our unique network of expert advisors cuts sensitively across structures and hierarchies to provide real solutions in the real world.

what do we do?
IGI is an international network of uniquely placed professional advisors providing strategic solutions to clients worldwide. We help our clients make the most appropriate strategic and commercial decisions by researching and informing on challenging situations, assessing and minimising risk, measuring threats and opportunities, developing and executing plans, shepherding them through regulation and process, and importantly, communicating appropriately. As specialists in high growth markets and new frontiers, our consultants are competent in finding solutions to help clients invest and grow. Thanks to our in-market reach, we are also trusted by clients who seek to access more mature markets.

Our offering includes:

blue dot Corporate and marketing strategy development
blue dot Commercial due diligence
blue dot Commercial intelligence
blue dot Sustainable business development
blue dot Reputation protection
blue dot Corporate governance & risk management
blue dot Communication

How do we do it?
Working across the world’s constantly evolving markets, IGI's unique network of expert advisors combines local insight, influence, professional skill and sensitivity. With a wealth of experience in diverse situations, we shepherd new market entrants as they seek to define, interpret and overcome their commercial challenges.

What you can expect from us:

blue dot We guarantee to make a measurable, positive difference before agreeing to accept your business
blue dot We provide extraordinary market insight to help you
blue dot We always have appropriately experienced consultants leading your projects
blue dot Our solutions reflect meticulous research, planning and cultural sensitivity
blue dot We work with absolute integrity and discretion on your behalf

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