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IGI is an international consortium of uniquely placed professional advisors providing strategic solutions to clients worldwide. We help our clients make the most appropriate commercial decisions...

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  We have been active for many years...

How does our network operate ?
IGI is client-focused and value-driven. Our strength is in our worldwide network of hand-picked resources, our commercial nous and judgement. We search relentlessly for the most practical options for our clients to overcome their challenges as they open and develop new frontiers.

Over years, we have nurtured and continue to grow our network of professional resources. We have the capacity and capability to respond to client challenges across national frontiers. We develop bespoke solutions tailored to the needs of our clients and put together the appropriate project teams to achieve the best results for them, covering different industries, different geographies and different political situations.

With our unique combination of international experience and skills honed within corporate, client service and public sector roles plus our far-reaching network, IGI operates discreetly and effectively to ensure that client challenges are analysed, understood and that recommended solutions reflect internationally-accepted good practice.

Our work is evidence-based but often it is our problem-solving skill in different situations that adds most value. Those who join our network have years of commercial experience and have witnessed at close hand political and regulatory shifts, economic peaks and troughs and have a track record in overcoming tough and unusual challenges. Whilst developing bespoke solutions for clients, we draw on our vast experience to adapt successful strategies from market to market wherever possible. In short, we strive to ensure that our professional advisors possess the practical experience, the skills and above all, the judgement to assist you.

Our project teams consist of capable professionals with the required level of experience. They are not bound by the usual constraints or resource allocation within professional services firms whether by hierarchy, location or sector. In our case, the most appropriate people are allocated to our assignments.

Our consultants
IGI consultants are uniquely placed to help clients successfully navigate the challenges of new market entry. Thanks to our experience across the international capital markets, IGI consultants are often retained by clients in emerging markets seeking advice on corporate strategy, governance, investor relations, reputation management, stakeholder engagement, sustainability and other issues so important in managing growth. IGI Consultants have a deep expertise in heavily regulated industries in both developed and developing markets.

From time-to-time, senior directors from within our network are seconded into client organisations as interim managers where strong in-house support for implementation is needed. We also take up non-executive directorships in organisations where particular members of our senior team have the skills to make a measurable difference.

Partners firms
Sometimes we need to retain the services of specialists and within IGI’s network there are firms that we introduce to assignments as appropriate including when we work on some aspects of financial services that require regulatory authorisation or legal and tax specialisation. IGI is not an advisory firm under the auspices of the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) but cooperates closely with partner firms which are authorised by the FCA for the purposes of their type of business.

How do we do it?
IGI strives to act in your best interests at all times. We:

blue dot are client-focused
blue dot operate discreetly
blue dot ground our thesis in fact-based evidence
blue dot search relentlessly for practical solutions
blue dot mobilise our unique operating model and network
blue dot capitalise on the depth of experience of our senior consultants
blue dot develop bespoke solutions
blue dot exercise good judgement
blue dot keep you regularly informed of progress

Registered in England & Wales with company number 4222255 and VAT number 791197790