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IGI consultants have witnessed first-hand some of the major geopolitical and industrial shifts over the past 25 years including the collapse of the Soviet Union, the resurgence of BRICS, the impact of the global banking crisis, China’ s recovery as a global economic powerhouse, the transition to a low-carbon world, the Arab Spring movement. Our experience crosses frontiers such that our greatest asset is our network of expert advisors enabling us to deliver results across borders and industry sectors. Here are just some of the regions where we have recently operated:

A cornucopia of opportunity with the re-emergence of China at the heart of the global economy. With reach across the region, IGI has worked recently on assignments in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Mongolia and China as well as countries that bridge Europe with Asia physically and politically such as Turkey and Kazakhstan.

For over 25 years IGI consultants have worked across this vast and rapidly changing region that bridges Europe and Asia. IGI consultants have advised organisations investing in the region as well as businesses and entrepreneurs from the region seeking access to the international capital markets. In several countries, IGI has provided strategic advice on the shift to a low-carbon world as their economies expand.

IGI has invested years in building relationships and trust across the countries and cultures of the Middle East. With a combined experience in corporate and advisory roles, IGI consultants are sensitive to the challenges facing clients whether entering or expanding from the countries of this region whose recent socio-political upheavals have led to change and new commercial opportunity.

Rich in natural resources and immense, Africa offers opportunity to international investors and IGI consultants have advised clients in West, North-East, Central and Southern Africa across a range of oil & gas as well as metals & mining projects. South Africa’s growing trade with China has helped elevate it as a “BRICS” market to watch and IGI has recently worked on an assignment to support clients developing that bridge.

A continent of vast cultural diversity, natural resources and opportunity for investors. With easy access to North America, Europe, Africa and Asia, Latin America is fast becoming a global cross-roads. IGI consultants speak both Spanish and Portuguese and have hands-on experience of some of the milestone shifts in the economies of this continent that is steeped in history.

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